Dear BeeLean,
I have to tell you guys about my results with BeeLean Xtreme!

I have been taking the formula for 8 days now and I have lost 5 pounds and 3 inches around my waist!!! I am blown away.

The little muffin top I was developing around my waist is Completely GONE - you know the muffin top... It shows up when you button your jeans - I am just shocked at how fast this formula has melted away the fat around my waist.

I am not a very big girl at all but at 50 years old I thought I was just stuck with the stubborn thickness that was beginning to develop around my waist and hips.

I have tried a lot of diet pills over the years but I have never seen anything work this fast and blow the inches off like this one.

I am shocked and thrilled. I actually cannot believe it. This has really been an astonishing result.

Thank you for "Bee"ing ,

Dear Folks at BeeLean Xtreme,
I Like It!
I am an agricultural engineer in North Florida and I work very long hours in the field. 

BeeLean Xtreme gives me the energy I need to work long, physically challenging 14 hour days.walter
It provides me with lots of energy but it is not too much. It doesn’t make me nervous or jittery and it keeps me going strong all day long. 
I also feel my focus at work is much better. This stuff keeps me focused and energized at work and makes me want to keep working.
Another thing I have noticed and really like about BeeLean Xtreme is that even after a full work day I don’t “Crash” on this like some other pills I have tried. 
It does an excellent job of suppressing my appetite.  I can still eat on it but I don’t feel like I’m starving to death by dinner time. 
I know I have lost inches but I don’t know how many. I have noticed that my pants are not as tight and I have lost a belt notch.

I weighed before taking it and now eight days later my scale says I am 9 pounds lighter.
I am quite impressed and thought you would like to know about my experience so far.
Thank you for this great aid.
W.H. Eubanks
Agricultural Engineer, Florida

Hey all you Beeleaners!
Let me preface this email by letting you all know that I was totally immersed in the Metabolife phenomena and have been keeping a very close eye on the diet industry ever since. The primary reason I was so intensely involved with Metabolife was by the

obvious quality and efficacy of the product. I operated a call center in the Midwest and literally talked to thousands of people who lost weight and elevated their quality of health. ron

Since the demise of Metabolife, I have been approached by several companies and manufacturers who believed they had the next "real deal." To be perfectly honest, none of these products held a candle to Metabolife. Consequently, I could never passionately get behind anything that I really wanted to dedicate my time to.

When Terri Hoy approached me about Beelean I must admit I was again somewhat dubious but because of my relationship and my trust in Terri I figured for $145.00 I'd get on board.

Well, I received my first samples of Beelean Extreme on Monday, the 28th. Because it was later in the day I decided to take the product the following morning. The following Tuesday morning, about 9 am, I took 1 1/2 of the Extreme. I was still a bit skeptical at the time simply because there have been so many previous products that have been a disappointment. At about 9:45 I was doing some work on my PC at my office. I began to experience a very pleasant and obvious "glow." I sat up and took notice. This was a extremely smooth energy lift and my excitement began to build. The effects leveled throughout the course of the morning and as I write this I am still energized with no jitters or adverse effects.

Based on my initial personal experience with Beeline Extreme I can truly say that we finally have a winner. I am anxious to distribute samples to customers and networkers alike. I'm convinced the product will sell itself.

Let's Rock this Industry!
Ron Sanculi

Dear Beelean Xtreme,
I was so excited to try this new product!  I took it before work not knowing how it would affect me. Well, let me tell you I could feel the full effect on my short drive to work.

I am a waitress by trade, and it made my night ZOOM by! My mind was sharp and I felt great! No side effects, no crashing afterwards.

It gave me the energy to work a full shift!! I am so thankful for Beelean Xtreme!! If you need some ZIP in your life, Beelean Xtreme is definitely the way to go!
Thanks Beelean Xtreme


I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to Richard Blackford and Terri Hoy for letting me know about this Bee Lean opportunity.
I was extremely successful with Metabolife 10 years ago and have looked at and passed on dozens of MLM and network marketingmike

opportunities since that time. Until now, I never thought that I would have another chance at something anywhere close to that success!
I never thought that there would be a product that could come close to the strength and popularity of Metabolife™ 356 until I tried Bee Lean Xtreme! This could very well surpass the old 356!
When I found out about the idea of this product and the opportunity it represented, I signed on in about two minutes even though I would have to wait a month before trying it. I knew that a formulation that included a 50 state legal ephedra extract as an all-natural supplement in a multi-layer time released product would be unmatched in this industry!
Tens of millions of satisfied customers know that ephedra has been around for thousands of years and used safely and effectively. These people represent our future customer base in a billion dollar industry!
So THANK YOU, Richard and Terri, and I look forward to a long and profitable business relationship!
Mike Broker

Hello Bee Lean!
I am so excited about the beelean product, I have lost a couple of pounds without trying & wow what an energy booster beelean has been for me. I work swing shift & I have always been tired at work with 3 hours to go before the shift ends so I would get some candy to help me with the last hours of my shift but now with beelean I have so much energy that I don’t eat candy anymore at the end of my shift. I feel so much better & at 64 years old beelean is a super plus for me! At my age I would never endorse a product unless I loved it & it worked for me.
Thanks BeeLean
Charles D. Smith

I just want to say that "Beelean" has been my saving grace in my personal experience & my business. I had a great retail strip mall location opportunity pass my way May of 2006 & I opted to start a business in the health & wellness industry. Long story short, it was a tough two years with several borderline weight-loss products that never really seemed to work for me or create real success for my business. I'm personally what I call a borderline diabetic meaning I've never been diagnosed as being diabetic or hypoglycemic, but know I'm very sensitive to many different varieties of food & several beverage types, & have struggled with nutrient retention & yoyo weight issues most of my life.

Since taking Beelean for a short two weeks, I've seen my sugar cravings virtually disappear, my water retention reach almost 0% (and for those of cherylyou who don't know what that means to a female med like myself....it means I no longer gain that 5 lbs from morning to night in water retention). No more night crashing & late night binges, as I at the age of 44 tend to burn the midnight oil running a business & being a mother to a nine year old very active son, find myself forced to eat late at night. I've also experienced tremendous energy for an incredible span of 13-18 hours with absolutely no after effects that ranged from headaches, to raised blood pressure to nausea with every other product I've used & tried to promote in the past. My hats off to our Beelean designers for formulating an outstanding weight-loss & energy all natural "health" product, that some of us more sensitive people can not only enjoy, but get behind & promote it's health benefits as well!!! 
As far as my business is doing, when I 1st found out about Beelean & received my 1st samples a month ago, I started giving them out to my current customers every time they came in to my store & bought one of my other weight loss products. When I received my bottles of Beelean & that customer came back, they requested the Beelean with very little questions asked. I even had several customers come back after taking their 6day sample pack of Beelean & ask if they could exchange that other product bottle for a bottle of the Beelean. Of course I said yes & with my personal experience with the product, I've decided to work together with other Distributors in our area & set my business & several others on a rocket launch success plan that will far exceed anything my store has done in the past!!!
Thank you "Beelean Teamers" this is the best bunch of people & the best product I've ever been a part of & I see Beelean as being a "footprint" product in the weight loss market & allowing true financial freedom for our team in the very near future!!!
Cheryl Degler  in Kansas City
Hi BeeLean,
I started taking Beelean X-treme 5 weeks ago. Since that time I have found thatkim
I am Happier, Energetic, Less Hungry and have lost over 7 pounds.
You see that is a great thing for. I have had type 1 Diabetes for 43 yrs. I am 43 1/2.
Weight Loss has been a constant struggle for me for years. I have tried every diet plan and
almost every diet product out there. I would start to do good and then Bam.. the weight would come back on after a week or two. My Doctor who is a Endocrinologist told me that
there was really Nothing I could do about this issue because the Diabetes had caused
these issues. Well I am not a quitter so I kept on trying to lose weight and inches.
When Beelean became available , I must admit I was a bit of a skeptic. I thought I would give it a try and see what the results were.

Well I can report to you that after 5 weeks, I am a very pleased with the results I have acheived so far. It is a great start and I am hopeful that I will be to my goal by July. I am thankful that this product was shared with me and will let everyone I come in contact with, know what a great product this is.

Kansas City , Mo.

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