Best Way to Lose Weight for Obese Children

If you are a parent who has an obese child, and you want some answers? This post is going to provide the best way to lose weight for your overweight child. There is nothing more agonizing than seeing your child was getting bullied because of their weight. Let’s face it, kids are mean. They do and say mean things that can have a serious impact on our children. General social rejection, anger, isolation, hostility, anxiety, and depression all come to mind.

Health Risks of Obese Children

Health Risks of Obese Children

The health risks associated with children who are obese is quite a serious matter. The increased obesity rates among children and teenagers are becoming more common in today’s society. As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to see that your child is healthy. A child who is obese has a higher rate for a number of conditions and diseases. [1] Below are some health risks associated with obese children.

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Gallstones
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver problems
  • Menstrual problems
  • Sleep apnea

Three (3): Lose Weight Methods for Obese Children

Method 1: The best way to lose weight for an obese child has to start with proper nutrition and diet. As the parent, you have control over what comes into your house for food and snacks. Obese children are easily hooked on sugary foods like donuts, cookies, cakes, and soda. The best way to lose weight for your child is to eat healthier. Foods like fruits, yogurt, vegetables, low-calorie snacks, and lots of water. Granted, you’re going to be the villain, but they’ll thank you in the end.

Method 2: The best way to lose weight for an overweight child is to exercise. Sitting in front of a video console all day while eating devil dogs, does not qualify as exercise. You are going to have to be the enforcer when it comes to getting your child to exercise. Even if this means that you become directly involved with their participation. An obese child will not want to exercise unless you find something they enjoy doing? Physical activity is the best way to lose weight for overweight children.

Method 3: The best way to lose weight for children is to count their calories. This may seem like a monumental task; however, it’s quite easy. Simply, go to Techwalla, and view the top 20 games and apps for counting calories for kids. In other words, it’s interactive fun, and you get them actively involved in their own diet. The best way to lose weight starts with reducing their calories.

Best Way to Lose Weight: Three (3) Exercises for Obese Children

Exercise 1: The best way to lose weight for an obese child is to start walking. Getting your child out of the house to start a walking routine, might require some sneakers yourself. It’s important to remember, overweight children do not have any motivation to lose weight. If you start a 30-minute walking routine every night after dinner with them? They can easily burn off 100 or more calories. Increase your walking speed as they get used to it, and you will slowly see a difference.

Exercise 2: The best way to lose weight for an overweight child is by some playing basketball. Basketball is a great cardiovascular exercise that kids love to play. It doesn’t have to be full-court five-on-five, a simple game of “horse” will do. Just the principal of shooting the ball, bouncing, and chasing rebounds is enough to jump-start their metabolism. As your child’s stamina increases, friendly games of one-on-one will burn even more calories.

Exercise 3: The best way to lose weight for children is to buy them a bicycle and maybe yourself one? Cycling is a great overall exercise that burns calories and tones muscles. [2] Get your child involved by going for bikes rides with them. There are a lot of nature trails in your local community that provide terrain for an adequate workout. Bike trains are also a great way to get your child motivated to go to school.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this article on the best way to lose weight for obese children. Remember, as the parent, the best way to lose weight for your overweight child, starts with you.



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