How to Lose Weight Fast by Not Starving Yourself

how to lose weight fastIf you want to know how to lose weight fast, it’s not by starving yourself. For one thing, who would want to do this to themselves? Secondly, has this really worked for anyone? Thirdly, you have already tried this? Furthermore, if it worked, there would be no need to try it again? The truth is, you don’t learn how to lose weight fast by going hungry. The most compelling evidence suggests that you will only end up fatter. Your body is designed with a protection mechanism called the “starvation mode”. The starvation mode will kick in automatically when your body is not getting its recommended daily calorie intake.[1]

How to Lose Weight Fast Starvation Effects

Starvation effects the loss of muscle mass and slows down your metabolism rate. In other words, these two points alone cause a very unfavorable effect in your body’s composition. What you will end up with is what is known as skinny fat. To put it differently, you end up with more body fat percentage, even if you lost weight. How to lose weight fast will require a reduction in calories and exercise. Another key point, a quality dietary supplement can help with curbing appetite and increase metabolism rates.

Body Stress Factors From Starvation

In the first place, starving yourself or going hungry is very stressful on your body. Furthermore, stress only increases cortisol and cortisol is known to increase belly fat.[2] For instance, how would your body understand that it’s being deprived of calories on purpose? Would it know that McDonald’s and Burger King is just around the corner? For all practical reasons, it would not know the difference. The first thing to remember, how to lose weight fast is not by putting your body into famine. Dropping your calories to a famine state will cause your body to slow down its metabolism. When you save energy you burn less calories. Eating smaller portions is the first step to how to lose weight fast without causing body stress.

Nutritional Deficiencies Due to Starvation

https://medgo.com/weight-loss/Failing to meet your body’s nutritional and caloric demands, you increase the risk of health problems. Furthermore, it can make how to lose weight fast even more difficult. On the contrary, the end result is not good. You will hit a plateau for losing weight; moreover, if you quit the low calorie diet? You will regain all of the weight back and more? You might as well take everything you learned on how to lose weight fast and kiss it goodbye. The reason for this is, if you eat like you used to? Your body’s metabolism has not returned to normal and can respond by acting sluggish. In other words, your normal eating habits will require less calories than before for successful weight loss management.

How to Lose Weight Fast Successfully

Fat weight has a lot to do with how to lose weight fast and keeping it off. Your primary objective on this quest on how to lose weight fast should be targeting your fat weight. You want to keep your muscle mass and increase your metabolism to burn away unwanted fat. It’s important to remember that you want to trick body’s starvation mode. You can accomplish this by manipulating your daily calorie intake. Cardiovascular exercises will increase the calorie deficit and resistance training will prevent the loss of muscle. If you follow these tips on how to lose weight fast, you can finally enjoy less of you.


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