Fat Shaming and the Psychological Effects of Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, there are millions of people who are fat shamed on a daily basis. Losing weight has serious psychological effects and the long-term effects can have lifetime complications. People are mean and they can say some really horrible things to people who are struggling with losing weight. When products fail, the shame associated with these failures can lead to overeating habits that are simply, not normal. People who are ashamed of their bodies are the ones who are at the highest risk for psychological problems.

What is Fat-Shaming?

Psychological effects losing weightFat shaming is when someone deliberately makes fun of someone who is overweight. Verbal abuse with words like lazy, disgusting, useless, pathetic, and worthless are all associated with fat-shaming. If you’re a victim of fat-shaming, please read this article in its entirety.

Fat-Shaming is Very Dangerous

Although, negative portrayals and bullying of overweight people are sometimes implicitly condoned or overlooked. Fat-shaming for those individuals who are doing it could be on the premise of helping someone to lose weight. What they feel to realize is the long-term psychological effects on the person being fat-shamed. A look back to school days will provide examples of bullying and how overweight kids had their confidence crushed. A study was done by the Centre for Advancing Health of 14,000 high school students. It revealed that students who believed that they were overweight, suffered from depression and had higher suicide rates.

Fat-Shaming Creates Eating Disorders

People who are fat-shamed while losing weight, the abuse can have adverse effects. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia currently affect over five percent of all women, globally. A case study of a 17 yr old girl named Amy was done by New Zealand’s Eating Disorder Specialist. It explained how an 18-month ordeal of fat-shaming was lived by a girl who suffered from anorexia and bulimia. She was obsessed with losing weight and wore loose fit clothing to hide her weight loss from her mother. Anorexia and bulimia are very serious conditions and should not be taken lightly. Fat-shaming that leads to eating disorders is the number one contributor to obesity and makes losing weight, very difficult.

Fat-Shaming & Obesity

The origins of obesity in just about every country in the world has some type of health impacts. The low quality of food and availability of a nutritional food supply can be partiality to blame for obesity. The use of computers and technology has provided sedentary lifestyles for our youth. Research from top medical university’s has found that obesity is not a personal choice. Obesity is a complex psychological, physiological, and socioeconomic phenomenon. There are things that people who suffer from obesity can do to influence their body weight. Fat-shaming a person who is losing weight can make it hard for them to accept the way they look. Obesity is a serious issue, but the real problem with fat-shaming is the psychological effects on the individual.

Fat-Shaming Needs to be Addressed

Taking a negative approach to fat-shaming does more harm than good. Encouraging someone who is struggling with losing weight is key for the individual to have a normal lifestyle. Fat-shaming needs to be addressed in the moment and should be dealt with an open line of communication. If you are someone who has been fat-shamed for being overweight or feel ashamed of how you look? Beelean Xtreme is a dietary supplement that can help reverse the obesity process along with a regular exercise program. Fat-shaming is a serious problem throughout the world and losing weight for certain individuals is a constant battle. Thanks to the chemical composition found in Beelean Xtreme, losing weight couldn’t be any easier. Remember that obesity is not a personal choice and you don’t have to feel ashamed anymore!

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