Morbidly Obese.

Being morbidly obese comes with a set of unwritten rules. Obesity affects about 13% of all men and women worldwide. It is caused by a variety of factors like genetics, lack of exercise, and consumption of high calories.[1] Individuals who have excessive body weight are subjective to various conditions and diseases. Conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus type 2, and especially cardiovascular diseases are major health problems. There are certain types of asthma, osteoarthritis, and cancer that can be closely tied to being morbidly obese. As a result, studies have shown that being morbidly obese can reduce life expectancy.[2]

Facts in the United States About Obesity

  • 1 in 6 adolescents andMorbidly Obese children on average aged 6 to 18 years are considered to be obese
  • One- third of adolescents and children on average aged 6 to 18 years are considered to be obese
  • 1 in 3 adults on average are considered to be obese
  • 2 in 3 adults on average are considered to be excessively overweight or obese
  • 1 in 20 adults on average are considered to be morbidly obese

Over the last couple of decades in the United States alone, there has been a spike in obesity rates. This affects all children, men, and women of all age groups. When it comes to losing weight for morbidly obese individuals, the physiological effects are severe in nature. Sedentary lifestyles are a direct relation to obesity.[3] It has been estimated that 17 percent of children and one-third of adults in America are obese. Obese adolescents and children are at a higher risk of developing major health complications like Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

All Natural Dietary Supplements Aid Morbid Obesity

Being morbidly obese can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and cause various types of sleep apnea. A modest weight loss plan that includes an all natural dietary supplement can improve your overall health. Individuals who are morbidly obese who lost 5 to 10 percent of their body weight, used a dietary supplement. When individuals reach the mortality rate for being morbidly obese, a serious-personal change must take place. Dietary supplements are a mixture of ingredients designed to increase metabolism and promote the fat burning process.[4]

Treatments for Morbid Obesity

For those who are morbidly obese, bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment.[5] The types of surgery include Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, laparoscopic adjustable gastric binding, biliopancreatic diversion, and vertical-sleeve gastrectomy. Surgery coupled with the use of a dietary supplement, nutritional diet, and exercise are important for long-term weight loss. Studies have shown that these methods have decreased obesity and overall mortality rates.

Depending on the type of surgery performed, after 10 years the mortality rate can have a 29 percent reduction. This was done in comparison to traditional weight loss measures. Reoperation was found in 7 percent of cases and 17 percent of surgeries had minor complications.[6] Due to the risk and cost, researchers are looking for less invasive treatments like devices implanted in the stomach.

Health Risks of Being Morbidly Obese

Being morbidly obese can develop certain health problems and the effects are very serious in nature. As your body weight increases, complications to serious health risks are also a major concern. Below is a list of weight-related health risks and complications.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Liver disease and gallbladder
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Irregular menstrual cycles and infertility
  • Respiratory issues and sleep apnea
  • Cancers like colon, breast, and endometrial
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Low cholesterol levels
  • Elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Coronary artery disease
Steps to Battle Morbid Obesity

The first step in reversing the process of obesity and weight loss management is self-admitting the problem. The second step is buying a dietary supplement like Beelean® Xtreme that aids in the reversal of morbid obesity. Additional steps would include a nutritional diet along with a regular exercise routine. The rest of the steps are up to the individual who wants to make a serious life change. Start your battle with morbid obesity with the number one dietary supplement and weight loss formula known to mankind.

Being morbidly obese certainly is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with sooner than later. However, it does not mean that all hope is lost. Surgical procedures are certainly recommended for those who face mortality due to being overweight. Dietary supplements like Beelean® Xtreme can help with morbid obesity and lower mortality with improved overall health. If you are someone who suffers from being morbidly obese, Beelean® Xtreme is guaranteed to work in 30 days!

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